Natalie Glasson Author

Natalie’s first book was published in the UK in November 2010 entitled, Twelve Rays of Light, a Guide to the Spiritual Hierarchy. The book was later published and is available in the Lithuanian language. The Twelve Rays of Light is a unique guidebook to the spiritual hierarchy and energy levels beyond the Earth. The book helps you to discover the guides, teachers, leaders and Ascended Masters of the spiritual planes upon whom you may call daily to advance your development, expand your awareness and awaken your true self. Through the study of and integration with the rays and spiritual hierarchy, you will discover the keys to your own ascension process on the Earth


Natalie’s second book, White Beacons of Atlantis, is now available, published in the USA as a paperback and digital download book by Light Technology Publishing. White Beacons of Atlantis shares the story of the lifetime and experiences of Nara, a High Priestess of the Celestial White Beings Temple in Northern Atlantis. Nara is the past life aspect of Natalie who experienced the fall of Atlantis. This is an exhilarating and enlightening true story accompanied with practical guidance to heal and reacquaint you with your personal Atlantean lifetime. Natalie made a contract many lifetimes ago during the time of Atlantis to be of service, in the present day she continues to assist people in anchoring into their bodies the sacred energies available in the universe, as light, love, and consciousness are the key to spiritual development.

Om Na, Om Sat, Om Ra, I am Bliss, I am the Ultimate Truth, I am the Creator