Natalie Glasson supports people in creating and experiencing fulfilment in their lives. She works with people who are ready to move beyond

limitations of all forms to make positive changes in their realities.

Natalie has a strong spiritual background and enjoys to working with those who are passionate about and dedicated to their spiritual growth, ascension and self-mastery. People feel empowered after working with Natalie, experiencing a great sense of relief, clarity and freedom, feeling as if they can now easily move along their spiritual pathway. Many people feel opportunities of being of service opening up to them, a new understanding of their purpose and ways they can heal or enhance their light with greater ease.

When you recognise that the Creator/ Divine/ God/ Universe is present within you, it is so much easier to see the same outside of you. You appreciate that your entire reality is a spiritual and divine experience whatever is occurring. Every situation, experience or even your body is constantly delivering sacred messages to you to support your journey. Thus your unity and harmonisation with the Creator, yourself and all around you magnifies allowing you to feel aligned, centred and balanced with the ability to receive all you need and desire to support your reality on the Earth. Everything can then fall into place for you spiritually and physically because you allow yourself to recognise the truth within you and around you.

Natalie was born in Wales. Studied Classical Ballet in London. Natalie has been channeling since 2003. Natalie is now based in Gloucester